Brian Tracy, author of 77 books in business and eprsonal develeopment has arrived in Ireland for the Transform Your Life and Business Seminar!


Have you ever experienced challenges in your life — those times when you felt stuck and had no idea how to move forward? The reality is we all have. At some point in life, we all meet obstacles that seem insurmountable. How great would it be to feel able to overcome those obstacles? How great would it be to know that no matter what comes your way you can deal with it?

Here’s the truth of it, it’s not what happens to you in life that matters as much as how you respond to it. Our responses and our actions determine our successes - not situations, people or events. Any successful person is a testament to that.

Here are some tips to help you overcome obstacles.

All of us have, at some stage in our lives, been in a situation where we want achieve something, yet other people just don’t seem to want us to achieve it or be happy for us to achieve it. Here are five ways to help you deal with Naysayers.

We all know that a fast-paced modern workplace and a high level of business competition can make establishing and building a business in today’s world very challenging. However, below are five key ways to ensure your business is a success!


Being a good leader can enhance your life in so many ways. It allows you to gain respect both at home and in business. Now we’re not talking about a high powered official here, we’re referring to the type of leader that develops loyal followers, a leader who is positive, inspiring and empowering, motivating people to perform better and feel good about performing better. Below are some ways you can become a good leader!